About Suneva Lightfoot: Slaying Dragons in Codeland

A review by David Smith

From the slogan “Slaying Dragons in Codeland” you get the feeling that the persona of Suneva Lightfoot is from another time: a time when the virtues of honor, loyalty and trustworthy character reigned supreme. The ‘dragons’ are the challenges that arise in communication, website design, development and management. His use of language reflects this focus as well, which makes his copywriting seems more like storytelling than marketing and much more persuasive than advertising in general.

Reviewing the Internet production work of Suneva Lightfoot, you will find that it ranges across the spectrum of creative expression; most well known as a writer who has published thousands of articles for blogs, product descriptions and pages for website content. The source of this talent comes from a fierce loyalty to the purpose of language; to communicate ideas effectively and engender better understanding. To this end, it is the study of the world’s languages and literature that provides the vocabulary used for the benefit of a client’s endeavor.

As a website designer, Lightfoot brings a uniquely coordinated presentation of color, typography and graphic elements to convey the message of the content the site offers to its visitors. Lightfoot works magic with WordPress and Joomla content management systems and brings excitement to the online retailing experience with e-commerce applications.

In website development, template customization and implementation of specific interactive features is the focus, working in harmony with search engine optimization techniques. In conjunction with his development group Codeland 19, the pursuit of higher communication efficiency using Internet technology continues.

It’s not very often today to encounter a company of individuals as dedicated to their client’s satisfaction with the services and products that they provide. My experience working with Lightfoot and Suneva Webcasting has been a very revealing one; they have worked tirelessly with me to not only produce a stunning design and excellent search engine ranking for us, but have gone the extra mile to helping me understand how the Internet works as a whole. I have learned that website design and development is much more involved than it appears on the surface.

There are thousands of web designers and developers available that can provide services for you, but I doubt few can bring the combination of skills that Suneva Lightfoot and his company offer for your benefit.