How to Build Search Engine Relevancy with Marketing Sales Copywriting


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What are the key points in marketing sales copywriting that build search engine relevancy?

When you think about a product that you use, does an image come to mind? More than likely it does, because of the way our minds work. Taking this as a starting point when creating marketing sales copywriting; the words people that you use influence what they think and how they will respond to your message. The goal is to translate the benefits the person will receive when they use whatever product or service you are describing by creating an image in their mind.

No matter which way you slice the pie, marketing is still about tuning into the network of human emotions which play a huge role in the purchase decision. Images that accompany advertising work best when the words are chosen with attention to this fact. There are several elements that create effective marketing sales copywriting, however what works in a print newspaper or magazine may not create the relevancy needed for the search engines.

Pay Attention to ‘Stop’ and ‘Power’ Words in Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Sales Copywriting

Aside from the domain name and TITLE tag of the website, the content that’s within the HEADING tags (H1, H2, H3 etc) get the attention of the search engine robot quickly. Using keywords here works to focus the reader’s attention as well as provides a solid piece of content for the search engines. With the attention span of the average person dwindling by the moment, it’s extremely important to choose your headline text to motivate the person to keep reading. That motivation comes from the emotional response to what they read.

For example, let’s look at two headlines :

1- “This is the Most Revolutionary Dental Product Discovery in 50 Years!”

2- “Medical Research Studies Prove Tooth Sensitivity Product Effective”

While both of these headline may grab attention, for the search engine robot, Headline Number 1 doesn’t provide enough substance. Using adjectives like ‘revolutionary,’ ‘exciting’ and ‘awesome’ may sound great, but how many times have you searched for a ‘revolutionary product?’ For the human visitor the words ‘revolutionary’ and ‘discovery’ could easily throw up a red flag and send their cursor to the back button of their browser.

The words used in Headline Number 2 are more relevant. Why? Because it’s more specific: the keywords ‘medical research studies’ along with ‘tooth sensitivity’ are more closely related to what people are searching for than ‘dental product.’ However avoid using this type of phrase if you cannot provide the citations to support it or the reader will feel deceived.

The other reason why Headline Number 2 will rank better is because of the evidence statement. Particularly when you are writing about anything health-related, people want to know it’s safe. When you are producing marketing sales headlines, think about the main resistance points like; safety, effectiveness or quality that are in the readers mind and find a way to address them from the beginning.

A variety of SEO experts have compiled a list of words that ‘stop’ the data processing flow; these words are valid, but filtered out by robots during their review of content. But if you think this list are primarily conjunctions like; ‘and,’ ‘with’ or common words like; ‘the’ or ‘for’ prepare yourself to be surprised. If you are serious about marketing sales copywriting, be sure to visit Link Assistant. Here you will find a comprehensive and up-to-date list that includes quite a few words needed to make content easy to understand, such as;

  • always
  • seems
  • make
  • however
  • could
  • next
  • without
  • you
  • value
  • under
  • hello

While it may be impossible to avoid every single one of these ‘stop’ words in your content, it’s a good idea to limit your use of them in heading tags and headline text. The other set of words to be wary of are those that fall into the ‘hype’ category which are the words people have come to dislike.

Attuning your writing to the emotions that different words stimulate can help you avoid hype and embed your message in the reader’s mind. Creating marketing sales copywriting that builds search engine relevancy requires you to think, but more importantly to understand how language influences human behavior that drives decision-making.

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