Kinetic Typography: Tutorials for Adding Impact and Rhythm to Enhance Written Language


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Kinetic Typography brings a new focus on the power of language.


What the heck does the term ‘kinetic typography‘ mean? While it has been defined as animating words, kinetic typography actually goes beyond this by using animation and special graphic effects to underscore the meaning of the words and then synchronizing all of this to music. In essence words and sound combine to breathe life into the message giving it the impact of imagery that places a honed beam of attention for the viewer.


Oliver Harrison get the credit for introducing this fabulous concept that brings joy and amazement to the loyal fans of typography. Here is the 1988 video:



Jesse Rosten because it’s not only educational, it makes the process of learning this typography technique enjoyable and fun.


While kinetic typography has been adopted for advertising purposes that have put it in the spotlight on mass media, it’s also found favor with designers across the board for expressing creativity pure and simple.



Kinetic Typography Tutorial
















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